:: Preconstruction

The real opportunity for value management is in the planning stage.

Assessing critical details during preconstruction results in fewer construction-phase changes, reduced construction time, and cost savings. Working closely with the client and design team, HESS develops and maintains accurate construction cost estimates as well as analyzes schedules, materials, building systems and construction methods.

HESS' construction professionals provide continuity between preconstruction and construction, so that decisions made during project planning are accurately implemented in the field. Preconstruction services are tailored to client needs, and include constructability reviews, phasing plans, scheduling, budgets and estimating—all of which increase in detail as the design phase progresses.

Value Management efforts analyze the functions of systems, subsystems, equipment, services and supplies for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest life-cycle cost consistent with the Owner's requirements for efficiency, maintainability and maximizing investment in the infrastructure.  HESS will continuously work with the Owner’s Project Team and our commissioning agent throughout the project to improve systems and building function, enhance the efficiency and develop alternatives for providing essential functions and long-term quality at the lowest cost.

HESS is active in the industries and associations critical to ensure best practices are utilized throughout the planning process. Performance associations such as SAVE International, are devoted to the advancement and promotion of value methodology, which helps to reduce costs while improving the quality of the facilities we build.